We and our world class partners supply tailored security solutions to businesses, public and private organizations throughout Libya. We are committed to providing state-of-the-art solutions to all of our customers. Our strength lies in our reliability and commitment to customer service.

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We offer the subsequent points highlights, not exclusively, the services we offer under this category

  • Design and implementation of various sites securities including closed circuit video surveillance systems (CCTV).

  • Supply and installation of high-quality fixed and moving surveillance cameras, operating in analogue mode or IP system. An infrared and thermal cameras that can be connected to high storage capacity video recording systems; or connected to a central storage area in main data-centre via local network; or be connected to the Internet.

  • Gates, entrances and electrical doors control systems.

  • Time Attendance systems and their integration with Enterprise’s administrative and financial systems.

  • Early warning and protection fire alarm systems, in various distinguishing modes such as inert gases and liquid foams. Switchable automatically or manually.
  • Security and inspection systems, walkthrough-metal-detector gate, and X-Ray baggage scanner

  • Voice call and evacuation systems.

  • Central control rooms equipped with the latest technologies and equipment, with abilities to connect branches via wired or wireless systems

  • Provides consultations, technical designs, maps, technical support and after-sale services

  • Conducts field surveys to assess sites. Proposes appropriate technologies. Identifies needs and requirements of protection equipment


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