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 Benghazi Medical Center (BMC)

Networking & Data-Center Project


Wahda Bank

Data-Center Project


Oracle Systems

North Africa Bank
Oracle Engineering System Hardware (DR)
Tripoli, (2016-2017)
National Commercial Bank
Oracle Engineering System Hardware (HQ, DR)
Tripoli, (2016- 2017) 

Full Network

General Electric
Entire Network
Janzour, Tripoli,  2010
Full Network Installation
Tripoli, 2009

Benghazi Medical Center
Full Network Installation
(Cisco Core and Access Switches, Routers and Controllers)
Benghazi, (2009- 2012)

Full Network for All sites
Tripoli, 2006

Full Network for Hawari cement factory in Benghazi
Benghazi, 2008 
Full Network For Al Fattah Cement factory in Derna
Derna, 2010
Full Network for Tajoura Site
Tajoura, 2014
Full Network
Tripoli, 2009

Networks Security

Cisco FirePower Security Solution
Tripoli, 2017

Taknia Libya Engineering
FortiGate UTM + VPN
Tripoli, 2018

Libyan Development Bank
Juniper SRX UTM +  VPN
 Tripoli,  2018
National investment Company
Full Network Forti Switch + FortiGate UTM
Tripoli, 2018

Arab Commercial Bank
Cisco ASA 5508x WITH Firepower Services + VPN
Tripoli, 2018

Surveillance & Networks

Customs Authority
CCTV Surveillance for the Authority’s Confiscated goods yard and Offices
Tripoli, 2013

Full Wireless Network in Main 3 Buildings
Tripoli, 2014
CCTV for Customer Service
Misurata, Zuwara, Zawya
 ( 2014-2016 )
Zuwara Council
Full NDC, full Wired and Wireless Network, Internet Source Vast, CCTV
Zuwara, 2016

Full Network with Maintenance Contract

Full Network for 2 Sites maintenance Contract for 4 years
Tripoli, (2008-2011)

Full Network for 3 Sites maintenance Contract for 3 years
Tripoli, (2007-2010)

Full Network for 2 Sites maintenance Contract for 5 years.
Tripoli, Ubari ,  (2006-2010)

Backer Huges
Full Network For Tripoli Site maintenance Contract for 2 years
Tripoli, 2006

Full Network for Tripoli Site Maintenance Contract for 2 years.
Tripoli, (2008-2011)

Data Centre

British Petroleum
Data Centre (9 Racks, Cisco Switches, Storage, Dell Servers and VoIP) + Dual points for 2 BP Buildings
Tripoli, 2008
Wahda Bank
Design & installation of 64M2 Tier II Data Centre
Benghazi, ( 2008,2015 )

Fiber Networks

Fibre Network + Local Network
Ojala ,Tripoli (HQ1, HQ2), 
Full Network for 4 Sites maintenance Contract for 3 years
Tripoli, Amal, Benghazi, 2009

Fibre networks +local networks + Microwave network + network walkie-talkie
Tripoli, (2007- 2009) 


Network Infrastructure
Ubari, 2007
Almadar Aljadid
Cisco Access Points, Switches, Routers Supply
Benghazi, 2016

Libyan Arab Foreign Bank
Computer Room Maintenance
Tripoli, 2013

El Maghreb El Arabi Village
Network to connect all residences 350 Villa + Network DSLAM + ADSL for 600 villas in the village
Tripoli, (2006-2010)

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