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We equip companies with equipment and services

Our engineers will inspect of an area where work is proposed, to gather information for a design or an estimate to complete the initial tasks required for an outdoor activity.

We plan the implementation of a computer network infrastructure, data centers , banking systems, and Intelligent systems. performed by designers, engineers, IT administrators and other related staff.

We help customers resolve any technical problems that they may have with a product or service. we also provide maintenance contract for our network implementations.


The Journey started back in 2003
to provide IT goods and services to the Libyan market, with a focus on providing data networking infrastructure and the sale of computing equipment, together with the associated support and after sales service.

Within Three Years
Fares has provided complex solutions for data networking solutions to renowned companies such as Exxon-Mobil, BP and Shell.

As Time Passed By
demand company’s data networking increased until it outstripped that for office equipment.
The business focus was aligned exclusively with this technology sector and partnerships were signed with manufacturers.

Our Vision

To provide the best Products and Services for our clients and to be the number one Data-Centre-Turnkey solution provider in Libya.

Through The Years
Fares has also managed to supply telecommunications companies
such as Libyana with equipment, and kept close work relationships with other large companies, including LTT, Hatef-Libya and Almadar.

In The Year 2013
Fares has established a new division for Financial Products.
The company has managed to accomplish several successful hardware supply, install and configure projects for Banks and other respected institutes

And Now
Fares is training a team of engineers
To qualify as Oracle’s Field Delivery Partner in order to support delivered projects, plus starting Oracle’s core banking application “FLEXCUBE” team training in the year 2017


Our Mission Statement

To work as True Partner and Honest Adviser to our Clients, and to help them in getting the best for their investment.


  • Conducts thorough study of market requirements Based on our long presence in the market and our strong relationships with Information Technology & Communications consumers

  • Focuses on the market needs of Field-Delivery-Support Provider

  • Observes competitors And increasing our market share by continuously enhancing our services

  • Invests in local human resources And training to build strong teams capable of handling our expansion targets
  • Skillful partners And equipment providers in the region to secure the best and prompt services for our clients

  • Benefits from our respected name In the market, we have built for the last 14 years of business


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